Friday, November 12, 2010


Working on my new embroidery machine last night I ran into my first problem.  
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my machine, especially for what I paid for it, so I will continue to work with it, and chances are, it was my own fault.  
The machine is great!  It connects to my laptop, so I just open the program, enter in what I want, I make adjustments fairly easily (considering I am one of those that only reads a small amount of instructions) and the program even shows me what the stitches should look like once complete!  
Well, in a perfect world it would all be "sew" simple!  Hooping fabric for an embroidery machine is a wonderfully elaborate game, and not one for the slightly insane, which I believe I am.  In order to align the fabric correctly I have multiple pins in the fabric that align with arrows on the top part of the hoop.  Directions say the fabric must be taut enough to sound a little like a drum if you flick your finger at it, but you are not supposed to "pull" the fabric.  Uh-huh...  Then, the madness of trying to push the top hoop into the bottom hoop with the fabric and interfacing sandwiched in between, all the while trying NOT to move the fabric I just spent 15 minutes aligning.  The plus side being once this crazy feat is accomplished and the hoop is screwed into the machine all I have left to do is push a button and watch as the machine does its job.
After I get halfway through the first embroidery project I realize I have a second, smaller hoop!  Oh joy!!!  I will take advantage of the machine that sews magically on its own and start the arduous task of hooping the next piece of fabric so as to make the most of my time!  Fabric is such a funny thing, but this next hooping goes fairly well considering I am working with a dotted fleece that seems to stretch just by looking at it!  All done with the first job, set up the next, moving along wonderfully!
Removed the large hoop from the current project and after making some quick observation I find that I am only slanted 1/8 of an inch.  Never the fabric, it must be "I" that is slanted, tee-hee!  I am happy with the results, the machine is purring along, next hooping!  Well, here started the downward spiral of gloom!  I am embroidering a name onto the flap of a diaper bag that I had started prior to my machine purchase.  No worries!  The flap is basted to the bag, and I should have simply taken the stitches out, but that would have been too easy!  "Oh, no!"  I think I will simply hoop it and make sure the bag part is on the outside of the machine.  Of course, after the process of hooping is completed I find that I did just the opposite of what I wanted.  Re-hoop?  NEVER!  I decide that it is no big deal, I will just push the fabric of the bag as far into the arm of the machine as I can, it will stay out of the way, right?  Sure it did!  No, REALLY, it did.  But I think the weight of it, or the bulk of fabric, must have interfered with the operation of the machine.  After having to replace the thread three or four times I removed my "completed" project to find the letters had mashed together in a jumbled up name!  OH THE HORROR!!!
At around 11 pm last night I removed the flap from the bag, and started removing the embroidered thread from the flap to try and salvage the project.  Thankfully the stitches are coming out clean, with a little steam it will appear as if they never existed!  But I do have extra pieces cut out, so I at least have a back-up plan.

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