Monday, April 18, 2011

Procrastinating and Taking on Too Much

First of all, what IS too much???  Is there really such a thing?  Is that like offering to make a ring bearers pillow, a flower girl dress, alterations on the wedding gown and mother-of-the-bride dress, helping to make napkin rings, plus I've got two bridal shower gifts and a baby shower gift I have slated to make...  And all of this must be completed within the next two months, some by then end of this month.  But I can do it all, I'm super human, right
It's all about the time management.  Oh, that's where I get a failing grade...  I am a professional procrastinator...
Oh, and I forgot, I still have to clean up my sewing room because it's a mess and I can't sew anything until I have enough room to work.
Organization, that's what I need...  Anybody got some to spare?
Or do I simply like the chaos?  Do I thrive on that feeling, that last-minute adrenaline rush that gets me through to the end?  What would it be like to finish something before I need to, before that very last second?
So, first task of the day...  Get my sewing room in a work-able condition...  Check!
Be back later if I need a reason to procrastinate!

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