Friday, September 30, 2011

The sewing room has been ORGANIZED!  With the addition of the computer, as our Little has grown tall enough to not only play with the keyboard, she also thinks it's quite funny to shut off the computer and/or monitor while we are in the middle of working on it!
Embroidery machine is ready to go!!!

TC clearly has taken to the new(er) cleaned-up room, she barely leaves!

I have mentioned in my other blog about the amount of panels I have going...  What's on top is "on deck" to get worked on first.  Yes, that 30 gallon bin is full of the rest of my panels!!!  And there's my "old" sewing machine!  Still works like a champ, so it's hard to want to retire it!!!

Then there's the inspirational part of the room!  Yes, I'm a big dork when it comes to Barbie!  Barbie and I have been friends for ever...  Don't ask me what makes me pick the dolls I have.  I know some are worth a bit but I just like them cause they're pretty...

Yes, the last doll on the bottom shelf is a Dooney & Bourke doll.  I don't do D&B as much as my sister-in-law.  The only D&B I have is this doll and my Disney wristlet!  But I bet your jealous anyway!!!

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