Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dilemma of the Day!

Alright...  So here is the next dilemma of the day!  I've already said that I'm not organized.  I've mentioned my lack of motivation.  This all ties in...
What do you do when you have too many email addresses?  Distraction, I THINK SO!
Here's the deal...  I have too many email addresses.  I have a hotmail account that I probably should just delete.  I've had it for-ever though!  I've mentioned before that I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to emails, right?  So that's kind of the problem!  I keep emails too long.  Some I keep because they are from or are about people that I don't see often enough.  Even if they are forwarded spam!  It meant something that that person sent it to me!  Then there's the three emails I have for work, one for stuff for my kid, one for Pampered Chef that I don't sell anymore, my Stuff N Junk email account and my personal Yahoo! email.  What is that?  Nine emails...  Not to mention the fact that I get text messages each time I receive an email to each account.  Plus!  Two of my work emails (Yahoo! and AT&T) forward to my gmail email account, so I tend to read those emails two or three times!  The only email address I get heavily spammed is Hotmail, so I really could close that one and not be too heartbroken.  The Pampered Chef email account should be closed but I keep telling myself I need to export the address book first!  I could close at least one of the work emails, but I'd have to go to the websites that send me emails and change those addresses so they go to the right account.  Oh wait!  I forgot!!!  I also have an account for my nephew!!!  I had started a MySpace page for him so his family in Colorado could see him grow.  Of course, I haven't updated that silly thing in years...  I could probably close that email, if it's still open...
So even if I close the three (or four) email accounts I would still have six accounts to check.  Not so bad when I rush through and just delete all the ads, but when I actually start looking at and reading the emails...  Ah!!!  I have emails from YEARS AGO!!!  Hundreds of emails...  Where do I even begin?  Why do I even want to think about tackling this job?  I guess I'm just looking for hidden time...  You know what I mean?  The time spent looking for (or through) emails...  I keep looking at my sewing room, at my NOOK, at the chores that need to be done around the house.  ORGANIZATION, again, not my strong suit...
First things first...  Gonna delete the emails I don't really use.  Deleting four email addresses tonight, that's the goal!  I'm just not getting enough done to keep email accounts open that I know I don't really use!
Alright kidd-o's!!!  The countdown is on!!!  There are 76 days till Christmas...  The plan/goal:  Get organized and get stuff done!  Let's see where the next few months take me!!!


  1. Just an FYI (and an update)... I actually wrote this the other day and I have in fact deleted the hotmail account, the Pampered Chef email and the email address for my nephew. I also put in a request to cancel the Myspace accounts for both myself and my nephew. Then I deleted a WHOLE BUNCH of emails from open email accounts. Today I have cleaned the living room and started laundry! Gonna switch out the laundry and tidy up the sewing room. Little's room is pretty clean already, so I just have to decide if I'm going to tackle my bedroom or get some sewing done! Yeah me!!!

  2. oy vey!!! That's giving me a spinning headache just THINKING about it. Way to go delete delete delete. (and keep those contacts all on ONE email account!). The text messages about each email message gets me the most. maaaamamia!!