Sunday, October 16, 2011

Progress report...

Hmmm, so what progress have I made since my last post?  Honestly, not much...  I would like to take this opportunity to place most of the blame on my dear cousin in Washington for introducing me to a website called Pinterest!  If you are signed up there you can find me at:  I'm not really great with links, so if that doesn't work just send me a message.  If you have not signed up for Pinterest, well, SAVE YOURSELF AND RUN AWAY NOW!!!  Sure, I can be OCD, but this is ridiculous!!!
So, back to progresses actually made!  I did end up closing three email addresses.  Although somehow the hotmail account still has yet to be closed and has somehow gotten hacked!  Don't ask me how this stuff works... But for the future...  When you are ready to delete an account, delete all the emails in all the files, including sent file, as well as your entire contact list!
So I got that much done!  I did also hem my nephews pants for Boy Scouts and sewed on a bunch of his patches!!!  So very excited for him!
That's about it though.  I have a pair of jeans that I need to hem for my mom, that is next up on the to-do's.  You know, the whole "start small" thing.  Then I will try to tackle the pile of holiday sewing.  Oh the cutting and pinning!!!  I tell you, it's not the sewing, it's all the prep work!  But I will get there, sooner or later...

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  1. Guilty as charged. :)

    But isn't is so FUN?! :)