Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What to do???

I am not an organized person...
It has now been a week since we organized the sewing room and have I touched the machine?  Nope.
In my defense, I did get a bit of a bug around the middle of last week and we were gone for the weekend.  I did look at the room!  Mom and I discussed all the fun things that could get done now that the room is clean and organized!  But did I even pick up the scissors, a pattern?  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.
Work has been slow these last couple weeks.  I am blessed that during these slower times I can work from home.  It came in really handy last week when I was taking cat naps between phone calls!  But with this added bonus of sharing an office space with my sewing space I should be able to do both, right?
This week I have started out by using the excuse that hubby isn't feeling well and Little girl can't be in Mommy's sewing room, therefore no sewing!  How long do you think I can keep that one up?  Even now, I am sitting less than three feet from the sewing table.  The fabric and machine...  They call to me...  I could make the Halloween panels that I spent so much time cutting out.  Cute little witch dolls, a couple pumpkins, a door hanging, some trick-or-treat bags...  Why does it take so much motivation to want to slide the chair over and thread the machine?  It's all right there!  And yet here I sit, typing a blog about what I could be getting done.
What to do???  Well, here I go...

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