Sunday, November 27, 2011

11/27/11 Progress Report

It's so past my bedtime!!!  I just finished my regular Sunday blog post and wanted to update my status on the holiday outfit.  So, here it is, in pictures.  I have not yet started the dress but the hat is pretty much done, I do still have to sew up the the lining, but that is hand-sewing.  And the coat is getting there!  Working on the lining, and there will be a TON of hand-sewing to do with the hemming, but we are moving right along!  I think I'm a bit nervous about the dress, there's just a lot of pieces-parts and so many steps!  Also, the pattern instructions don't read so well.  I'm assuming that they will make more sense as I'm sewing.
Either way, here's what I've got so far:

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

11/23/11 Progress Report

So, holding myself accountable...  I have been keeping up with keeping up, doing a little bit every day!
I am almost finished cutting everything out!  I only have to cut the skirt lining for the dress and then I can begin sewing.  I plan to make the hat that matches the coat first.  I figure it's a smaller project, might as well get it done with.  I haven't decided if I want to make the coat first or the dress.  I haven't used the buttonhole foot on my sewing machine yet, so coat might be a little in the lead for first on deck!
Remember my last post about the poor pattern pieces?  Well, have a look here...  I had some taping up to do in order to make these pieces "use-able" but I think I did alright.

I wanted to take more pictures of my progress but with Thanksgiving tomorrow I needed to take more breaks.  Hopefully Friday will bring another progress report with more photos and maybe even a completed hat?
Happy Turkey-Day all!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

11/21/11 Progress Report

It's past my bedtime so I'm keeping it brief!  I have been working little-by-little on my projects!  Yesterday I spent a couple hours cutting out the "dress" part of my little girls Christmas dress.  I figured if I just got the main part of the dress cut out that would be a good goal for the day, I just don't have as much energy to get it all done in one shot.  Today I spent a little over an hour cutting out the contrast pieces and looking for the pattern pieces for the coat.  I will try to remember to post pics of the sorry mess I found those pattern pieces in!  It's been YEARS since we first used that pattern and it shows!  At first I could only find eight out of thirteen pieces...  Not to mention the fact that I have the pattern in two sizes, I kept "throwing back" the pieces that were larger sizes.  You see, I am a bit of a lazy sewer...  As I mentioned in my last post, I have that BAD habit of throwing many used/cut out pattern pieces into a large plastic bag with the intention to organize it all later.  I considered doing that tonight but decided to stay on task.  For once...
I also remembered I have a bag of scrap pieces from the first time we attempted the project, I would just have to find them in the garage...  Only took me five minutes in the garage (thanks to hubby's fabulous organizational skills!) and I am happy to report I have all the pieces I need to begin cutting out the jacket!
I still have to cut the lining pieces and petticoat netting for the dress, that will probably be tomorrows chore.  The rest of the week I will set time aside to cut out all the jacket pieces.  Sadly (you'll see when I post pictures) the main jacket pieces have seen better days, I will be putting in a good amount of work to make them "use-able" again, not to mention the fact that I am working with a plaid...  For all the non-sewers out there- a quick lesson from my High School sewing teacher...  When working with plaids, you have to cut each piece individually in order to line up the plaid design.  This takes twice as long to do as just laying out the pattern on the fabric like "normal".  Instead of cutting two pieces at once, or laying a center piece on a fold, I have to match lines in the design, so each piece is placed, pinned and cut individually.  Yes, I know that I am not doing this for a grade, but once you learn it the one way (and with my crazy OCD) you can never again go back to "cutting corners."  Next time you are in the store looking at something plaid, check out whether or not the design matches up.  If those lines aren't perfect, you might be paying too much!!!  LOL...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Procrastination Update... New Project!

So here we go!  I will admit, we are just beginning the week of Thanksgiving and my plans to do any sewing for Halloween or Thanksgiving have gone without any progress.  Yup, I'm a slacker!!!  I have a "new" project to add to the list of Christmas projects I have on the desk...  I am going to make my little girl a dress and coat for Christmas!  All those cute clothes out there and I have patterns and fabrics that I have secretly stashed away for just such occasions!  So, here we go...
First the dress...  Now, you have to use some imagination, I am using a Daisy Kingdom pattern that is more of a Spring dress.
The fabric I have been hoarding is a tan plaid with Scottie dogs on it...

The coat is a pattern my mom used to make one of my younger cousins a coat and hat years ago...
I found a great plaid suiting on sale for half price and mom had some soft white faux fur and it will have RED lining...  I don't know what it is with me and RED lining...  I guess it reminds me a little of Gone with the Wind when Mammy asks Rhett for a red petticoat.  Something fun (and a little sinful?) about RED underthings?

So, that's the deal!  I do have a bit of prep-work to do...  Trying to get it all done today.  I got the dress pattern cut out yesterday, just need to pin it to the fabric and cut that out.  The big project for the day will be finding the missing coat pattern pieces.  In my laziness I have had the BAD habit over the years of putting pattern pieces in a random plastic bag thinking I would get to them sooner-or-later to put them where they go.  This has resulted in a very large bag of random pattern pieces!
Wish me luck!!!