Sunday, November 20, 2011

Procrastination Update... New Project!

So here we go!  I will admit, we are just beginning the week of Thanksgiving and my plans to do any sewing for Halloween or Thanksgiving have gone without any progress.  Yup, I'm a slacker!!!  I have a "new" project to add to the list of Christmas projects I have on the desk...  I am going to make my little girl a dress and coat for Christmas!  All those cute clothes out there and I have patterns and fabrics that I have secretly stashed away for just such occasions!  So, here we go...
First the dress...  Now, you have to use some imagination, I am using a Daisy Kingdom pattern that is more of a Spring dress.
The fabric I have been hoarding is a tan plaid with Scottie dogs on it...

The coat is a pattern my mom used to make one of my younger cousins a coat and hat years ago...
I found a great plaid suiting on sale for half price and mom had some soft white faux fur and it will have RED lining...  I don't know what it is with me and RED lining...  I guess it reminds me a little of Gone with the Wind when Mammy asks Rhett for a red petticoat.  Something fun (and a little sinful?) about RED underthings?

So, that's the deal!  I do have a bit of prep-work to do...  Trying to get it all done today.  I got the dress pattern cut out yesterday, just need to pin it to the fabric and cut that out.  The big project for the day will be finding the missing coat pattern pieces.  In my laziness I have had the BAD habit over the years of putting pattern pieces in a random plastic bag thinking I would get to them sooner-or-later to put them where they go.  This has resulted in a very large bag of random pattern pieces!
Wish me luck!!!

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