Thursday, January 5, 2012

1-5-12, finding motivation...

So, since my last post I have not done any sewing...  I have done some invoicing for work (a benefit of working for a small business) and just started answering phones (another perk, I can work from home!) I also did a load of dishes and am almost done with organizing the clothes for both girls into one closet and dresser.  Along with preparing meals, feeding the newborn and cleaning up after the toddler, one would think I am getting a lot done!
Not me though...  I keep looking at my sewing table.  Of course, every time I walk into the sewing room/office I end up on the computer, barely two feet from the sewing table.  I've picked up some projects, put them right back down again, looked up ideas of what I would like to do, jotted down a few notes, but never once touched the machine.  I know, I know, it's not like I'm not keeping busy!  Part of me knows I am doing the things I need to do first and there just isn't that much time left in the day when you add in a few minutes to take care of me, like showering, eating, resting, going to the bathroom!  But I feel like I had such momentum before!  I feel like just a few days ago I could have taken on the world!  Now I am just feeling like...  Well, like I need more practice!  Yup, I just giggled at myself!
You see, I have been looking for inspiration for projects I would like to do and seeing all the amazing projects other people have done on their blogs, and I feel like my work needs a lot of improvement.  Of course, deep down I know the only way to improve is to get in and "do it."  I just have to find that motivation to get things done and not beat myself up if the button-holes don't turn out "just right" or my zippers aren't "perfect."
So, here I am, sitting at the computer, looking at my stacks of fabric and projects lying on the desk and I am about to walk right back out of the room because it is getting close to toddler bedtime and I still have a few things to do in her room before lights-out!
As Scarlett says "Tomorrow is another day!"

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello January! Time for some checking in!

So, I know I went a bit "off the grid" right before Christmas!  So sorry...  I was hard at work trying to finish up projects for Christmas gifts and even thought I could whip up a pair of jammies for my Little...  Christmas Eve!
I was able to finish her coat, hat, dress and all the Christmas stockings I set out to make!  I'll just have to finish those jammies now that I'm back at home.
Where have I been?  Oh, well, you see...  I was due to have a baby right around 1/2/12 but I kept telling the doctor that this baby felt larger than my first, and since they were "treating" me as if I had gestational diabetes, the doctor finally listened and scheduled an ultrasound.  Of course at 38 weeks, what difference does it make, right?  Well, at 38 weeks the ultrasound tech thought the baby looked about 11 pounds!  And since that was the Wednesday before Christmas, and I was very adamant about not wanting to be in the hospital on Christmas, they scheduled me a C-section for 12/27.  To say I was a bit surprised would be an understatement!  I didn't have a C-section with my first daughter, so I was taken off-guard by the whole idea, and I don't get taken off-guard very easily!  Anyway, went in 12/27, had my baby, spent three days in the hospital and was so itching to get home!  Things have been terrific at home!  Well, as terrific as having a toddler and a newborn can be!  Both my girls are good sleepers, for the most part, and great eaters, and big sister is getting used to having little sister around.  The cats aren't taking the invasion so well but they really will get over it.
On to the sewing!  So, part of my "start" for 2012 is to not only get in a bit more sewing (well, at least more than 2011) but to use up my collection of fabric!  I am following this great blog called Project Run and Play and although I may not participate in each weeks uploads I fully intend to make a project for each weeks theme!  I have started collecting inspiration on my Pinterest boards in order to get ideas about what I want to do.  I just need to dig in and get some sewing done!  Of course, there is still a newborn that has to be fed every few hours, a toddler to play with during the day, housework to finish, meals to prepare (cause we are also working on getting mommy back to a more comfortable weight this year!) and I plan to be back to work fairly soon!  Yes, I know I take on too much all at once but I feel really good right now!  I must have saved up all that "nesting" energy until I got home!  Although, being 30 pounds lighter one week after giving birth might also have something to do with it!  Yes, you heard me correctly!  I got on the scale last night and was overjoyed to see that not only did I only gain seven pounds during my pregnancy, a week later I am THIRTY pounds lighter!  I have a long way to go to get back to where I want to be but what diet on earth can you think of that can do that?
Anyway, I'm still trying to take things slow.  Well, slow for me!  Since I keep getting reminded that I just had major surgery I am trying to take things easy.  I do about an hour of standing and then a few of sitting.  I'm just so thankful I'm getting two good hours of sleep between each feeding at night and the hubby is right along with me helping out where ever he can.
Now what would a Stuff N Junk post be without pictures?  Somehow we managed to take very few pictures on Christmas, and none at all of big sister wearing her hat or coat!  California Christmases are not known for freezing temps in our area...  So before we took down our Christmas decor we got a few of the new sisters, and Little (our older) was all too excited to get back in her "Sissmast" dress!

And the stockings?  I was so excited to get to do those finally!  You see before the world was filled with hand-held electronics and gift cards, some of us used to get actual "things" in our stockings!  A long time ago...  When I was little, we would get a stocking at home and another at Nana's house.  The one at Nana's always had an apple and an orange, a little bit of candy and a few small toys (like the kind you can find at the dollar store) and it was the greatest thing ever!  I wanted to bring a little of that back this year.  I think a lot of people are trying to get back to a more "classic" Christmas and I'm all for that!  Whether you are religious or not, to break it down and celebrate family, if nothing else, should be the goal.  We have come a long way, each person, each family, each generation and that should be celebrated and the past remembered.
So in each stocking my mom and I put an apple, an orange and a few candies.  The "kids" got some extra goodies like pencils and erasers.  It wasn't "much" but it was enough to bring back memories of when we were all younger and when Nana and Grandpa were around to celebrate the holidays.