Thursday, January 5, 2012

1-5-12, finding motivation...

So, since my last post I have not done any sewing...  I have done some invoicing for work (a benefit of working for a small business) and just started answering phones (another perk, I can work from home!) I also did a load of dishes and am almost done with organizing the clothes for both girls into one closet and dresser.  Along with preparing meals, feeding the newborn and cleaning up after the toddler, one would think I am getting a lot done!
Not me though...  I keep looking at my sewing table.  Of course, every time I walk into the sewing room/office I end up on the computer, barely two feet from the sewing table.  I've picked up some projects, put them right back down again, looked up ideas of what I would like to do, jotted down a few notes, but never once touched the machine.  I know, I know, it's not like I'm not keeping busy!  Part of me knows I am doing the things I need to do first and there just isn't that much time left in the day when you add in a few minutes to take care of me, like showering, eating, resting, going to the bathroom!  But I feel like I had such momentum before!  I feel like just a few days ago I could have taken on the world!  Now I am just feeling like...  Well, like I need more practice!  Yup, I just giggled at myself!
You see, I have been looking for inspiration for projects I would like to do and seeing all the amazing projects other people have done on their blogs, and I feel like my work needs a lot of improvement.  Of course, deep down I know the only way to improve is to get in and "do it."  I just have to find that motivation to get things done and not beat myself up if the button-holes don't turn out "just right" or my zippers aren't "perfect."
So, here I am, sitting at the computer, looking at my stacks of fabric and projects lying on the desk and I am about to walk right back out of the room because it is getting close to toddler bedtime and I still have a few things to do in her room before lights-out!
As Scarlett says "Tomorrow is another day!"


  1. give yourself a break, cousin - being a new mommy is a full time job all by itself! Soak up these first days, weeks, and even months. Sewing projects will be there when you're ready.

    1. Thanks! I tend to beat myself up about not getting enough done then I feel guilty about missing out on the "little" moments... Finding balance can be a dizzy-ing thing! I have been able to find some moments to "sneak" away during nap time and when the hubby takes Big Sister out so I'm excited about some upcoming posts, with pictures!