Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2/7/12 Update

Have I been finding time to sew?  Yes I have!  I feel less guilty "sneaking" away to sew during nap time or when hubby is home and hanging out with our girls.  I've also gotten into a bit of a groove with feeding our newest Little (and myself) although there is still some nagging about the laundry and dishes that tend to pile up.  Any way you slice it, I HAVE BEEN SEWING!!!
Since my last "procrastination" post I buckled down and dug out a few projects.  I am still working to finish those pajamas for Big Sister but I must tell you, they are starting to frustrate me so I keep setting them back down.  Do you ever have a project like that?  Something that on paper looks so simple to put together and then when you are actually putting it together things just don't want to go together quite right?  Yup, that's where I'm at, nothing wants to go smoothly on that project, so it will just sit there patiently waiting for me now...
Anyway, back to my more productive moments!  I finished THREE diaper bags!  Only five more to go on my "to do" list!  Well, actually there are six more, but one is just for me and it's a new pattern, so I can give myself a break on that one, right?  Now please don't think I'm super human or that I am spending countless sleep-deprived hours huddled over my sewing machines...  I set my goal of eight bags because the fabric is all cut out and many of them have already been started.  Did I ever mention my inspiration for diaper bags?  I don't see it in a quick scan of older posts so I guess I will have to elaborate some day...  Anyway, I (think I) have enough fabric to make about 50-60 diaper bags.  Possibly more, I lost track a few years ago.  I didn't go crazy and buy everything to make them, but I have the fabrics and some of the "innards" to get them going, planning to buy other notions as I needed them.  Then I started cutting out the diaper bags...  That's where things started the downward spiral to Heidi-burnout!  I tend to do that.  A lot!  I get really excited about a project and go full-speed into it and then I get so sick of looking at the same thing I give it up.  Mostly it's that whole pinning and cutting thing.  You can only pin and cut fabric for so long before you want to wring someones neck!
Anyway!  I do tend to alter my patterns ever so slightly...  The pattern makes you believe these are diaper bags but when you boil it down they just don't have enough pockets!  I also have a love for diaper bags that are more messenger bag style with the option to be worn as a backpack, so I've made lot's of modifications on custom bags I've given as gifts.  The pattern I am working with?
New pattern to try!
Old pattern I've been using...

And here's what I've got so far:


  1. Oh my- cute! I really love the fabric on that last picture. You are so talented.

    1. Thank you!!! I'm trying to take more pictures and get more posts out... I am FAR from your picture taking skill.