Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Ebb and Flow

You know, I've heard that saying a million times and I always thought I knew what it meant, but even though I felt it was a fitting blog title, I still Googled it just to make sure!
So, it refers to the movement of water, more specifically, the tide.  I think that's pretty fitting for me right now.  It's kind of how I am feeling about my sewing and projects.  Yes, I have a newborn at home that I am breastfeeding.  I just don't see why that should distract me from getting things done!  Oh, yeah, chasing my (almost) two-year-old, that takes some time too doesn't it?  Add in time for eating (and preparing food), sleeping, bathing/dressing, then I am answering phones for work, doing invoices and estimates as needed, scheduling jobs and going into the office a couple times a week, plus getting the every-day chores done at home, it doesn't leave much time left over for much else.
If I'm blogging I feel like I should be sewing.  If I'm sewing I feel like I should be doing a quick blog.  Then there's the time I spend looking into how to promote my Etsy shop and blog.  Not to mention keeping up with friends and family online.  I also record a bunch of shows during the week that I sneak in when I can.
So, where does that get me?  Well, right now, I'm watching some show (it's a hubby show) while writing this post.  I've got four tabs open right now to keep glancing at my Facebook page and Pinterest.
In more productive news...  I've joined up with a give-away group!
Is that my new thing?  I'm not sure yet...  I've always considered cloth diapers.  Hubby and I talked it out quite a bit before making decisions about it.  Financially, at least the upfront cost, cloth diapers didn't seem like the best route for us.  I've read a lot of reviews lately about cloth diapers, how far they've come, and I've been considering them more and more, especially with two kids in diapers right now!  I've considered making my own cloth diapers, after all, I do sew!  The thing is, after reading about and looking into Booty Buns Cloth Diapers I'm very interested in these diapers!  They grow with your kid!  So I've entered a give-away, or two, or five...  Haven't won yet but while I'm talking the hubby into the idea of switching from disposable maybe I will win one and can prove (and see for myself) if they are the better route for us!
So that's what I've been doing the last couple days, very little sewing and a bit more reading.  And entering contests!
Till next time!

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