Thursday, February 2, 2012

Finding the time...

Have I told you before that I am a procrastinator?  Well, I am.  To be honest, I'm shocked that I got as much done at Christmas as I did and I fully believe it had everything to do with my "nesting" needs.  Yes, I know I have a toddler and a newborn and I started back up with work much too soon but isn't that the plight of all women?  To over schedule and always be tired but to be able to show off all the amazing things we do...  Well, I am definitely over booking myself and I can sure tell you I'm tired a great deal of the time but as to getting things done?  Well, my lack of posts and photos speak volumes don't they?
I am a Goddess at making lists!  I LOVE lists...  I love to write them up and think about when I will be crossing them off.  It's actually getting to cross things off that has me typing up this blog today.  No, this blog post is not on my list.  I should add it just so I can cross it off!  No, I have tons of sewing projects I want to get to, that is what my current "to do" list is full of.  It's just that I feel like I barely sit down at the machine when I am called away to feed one (or both) of the kids, answer the phone for work or do something work related, go to the bathroom (I actually have to remind myself to do that!) or get myself something to eat.  Showering?  Sure!  When the kids are sleeping or I can sneak away for five minutes.  Then when I get to my desk all that pinning and pressing and cutting and trimming!  Sewing shouldn't really be called "sewing" there has got to be a more accurate word for it!  All the prep that goes into "sewing", it deserves it's own label!  And then I get frustrated...  I'm frustrated that no one else can feed the baby because I'm breastfeeding.  I'm frustrated for feeling selfish for not spending every second with my girls.  I'm frustrated that something I think shouldn't take very long to do ends up taking two or three times as long to complete!
So, that's it.  That's what I've got.  I'm tired and I'm frustrated and I'm not getting things done they way I want to, in the order I want them done, on the timeline I feel they should be done in.  And what am I doing instead of sewing?  I'm procrastinating!!!  But I'm smiling as I do it.  I know that I have two well-fed and contented little girls.  I know that the mountain of dishes last night got done and that the mountain of dishes at the end of today will be done as well.  I know that what time I spend with my kids is amazing and when it starts getting tough it's generally nap-time, and I know that my big girl will take a couple books to bed with her and I can listen outside her door as she tells herself the stories until she falls asleep, turning a tantrum into a moment she doesn't even know I am having!  I know that my lists will get done...  Eventually.
I have lots to do!  I can't wait to update you as I go along!!!
Here are some pics of what I have going...

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