Thursday, February 9, 2012

Selling on Etsy

So, it's been almost a year since my first (and only) sale on Etsy.  I was so excited!  And then I was incredibly nervous...  What if they didn't like what they bought?  What if they complained it wasn't worth the price they paid?  What if they left me bad feedback?  What if I'm really not that good at sewing?
That's not what happened but it doesn't stop me from sitting back every now and then and thinking that what I do isn't good enough.  I'm sure we all go through it, right?  We get positive re-enforcement from friends and family and it builds us up.  But then what about strangers?
The first diaper bag I made myself was for a Disneyland trip.  We go every October.  Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, our house is mostly decorated with a Halloween (and Disney) vibe all year.  I found this great Disney Halloween fabric and couldn't wait to make my bag!  I had purchased an embroidery machine and this was my first "real" test to see how I could incorporate it in my bags.  I actually didn't even have time to finish it for the trip but brought it anyway, I still needed to put a zipper in!  Even without the proper closures, it was a great size for the trip.  I got compliments from others in our group but I was waiting to see what (if anything) strangers would say.  Cast members (when they check you in through the gates) were the first to notice and comment that they liked the bag.  It got a few glances here and there and finally I got a few people that asked about it.  The first lady asked if I had made it...  Is it wrong that I was a little crushed by that?  I don't know why.  I (hope I) acted as if it was meant as a compliment (it seemed to be) and happily replied "Yes, thank you."  I had a few more people comment on the bag and at least one other asked if it was hand-made.  In all the years that I have been sewing though I guess the comment of "hand-made" makes me think it's not good "enough."  Why is that?  Isn't that what people are looking for when they shop on Etsy?  Isn't that supposed to be what makes it better?  But in my head it just makes me think it's not good enough to look like something people would want and want to talk about.
Yes, this is a cry for attention!  I don't really need you to tell me what I do is good enough, I just need to let others know that if you feel like that, someone else does too!
So, as we come up on the anniversary of my first sale I will finally be adding bags and blankets back to my site.  I've been busy and I do think my bags are good enough.  I think they are sewn well and made of cute fabrics.  I think they make a statement that if you are carrying a Stuff N Junk bag that you are a fun person that likes pretty and functional things.  If it's a blanket, it says you love things cuddly and cute!  And if you have something Stuff N Junk you just can't help sharing it!
Don't forget to tell your friends to check out my sites and keep an eye out for those trend-setting and traffic-stopping styles!

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