Thursday, March 1, 2012

Booty Buns Review and Sale!

So I told you all that I won that Booty Buns Cloth diaper, right?  Well, I have been meaning to put it to the test and give you all an update about how it works.
Let's start at the beginning...  First of all it got to me lickety-split!  I was so excited to get it!  I opened the package and found all the "parts" and read the instructions.  Couldn't use it that first night because I had to wash it first, of course...  I knew I couldn't wash it in just anything so I researched detergents to wash it in.  I remembered from the original post over at Tidbits that there was a specific detergent.
Rockin' Green is a product I do intend to try but I wanted to use my diaper NOW!  Over at Booty Buns blog I found this link for Change-Diapers regarding cloth diapering and washing.  My mom had brought over some "green" detergent a while ago called Vaska (Non Scented) so I Googled "detergent for cloth diapers" and found a post over at The Diaper Jungle that compares detergents.  I checked out Vaska and as it is the only product they show two types of (scented and non) and there is a / separating the stars I couldn't tell if it got one star or four...  After reading the article I was pretty sure it would be good to use.  Now let me tell you up front, even though it says "non-scented" it does have a scent to it, and I don't prefer it.  I can't even explain the scent, but to me it does actually smell a bit "chemically", but that could just be what I smell, no one else seems to notice the scent in my household!
The "innards" of the diaper can be dried but the outer part should be air dried, and then we went out of town for the weekend and I didn't want to try a cloth diaper without somewhere to put it...
I really wanted to try it for an overnight use.  I figured if I'm going to talk the hubby into this I wanted to avoid a BM and just show him how absorbent it is first!  I looked up the photos they provide on the Booty Buns site to make sure I had the right snap adjustment, gave a good shaking of cornstarch powder and got the diaper on Big Sister.  It took her a minute to figure out what I had on her.  I had all the inserts in, so although there was some bulkiness to it (more padding than a disposable) after I adjusted the riser snaps, she took a few awkward steps and then off to get a few more minutes of play time before bed!  Now don't misunderstand what I am saying about the diaper...  The disposables we use tend to smoosh together between the legs which is fine for walking comfy but increases the chances of leakage.  The Booty Buns diaper is more like a cloth training pant, a bit more fabric but it stays in place.

Unfortunately the diaper did not last the night.  About 20 minutes after Big Sister went to bed she started yelling that she needed a diaper change.  Yes, she really does that...  I go in to check on her and she's got her pj's off but the diaper is still on!  Oh, and the changing?  She had a BM!!!  Well, that and a full potty diaper to boot!  How hard was it to change?  Not bad at all!  I took the whole diaper to the bathroom, held onto the liner with part of the diaper and gave a good shake, what needed to go in the toilet ended up where it should be.  I folded the diaper up a bit and put it in the laundry basket since I knew I had laundry to do the next day.  I haven't had a chance to do a second test on Big Sister or any tests on Little Sister but I wanted to post because Booty Buns is having a sale and I wanted to make sure that if anyone was interested that they get a great deal!
Each diaper comes with the shell pocket diaper, one liner, two inserts (large and small) and a matching cloth wipe!
Source:  Booty Buns Cloth Diapers

I love the gussets inside the lining that help prevent leaks and the vast array of adjustments!  This diaper can be adjusted not only to fit Big Sister into potty training, but I can use it for Little Sister as well!  That means when I reach into the diaper bag I don't have to worry about grabbing the wrong size diaper!  Just a few snappy adjustments and I'm good to go.
Source:  Booty Buns Cloth Diapers
I truly think that using cloth will also help us with potty training.  Although the lining does an amazing job at wicking away the moisture to the inserts, Big Sister will be telling us even more about when the diaper needs to be changed as no one wants to be in a wet diaper.
Overall the diaper is well made and comes in some fabulous colors and works much better than I thought a cloth diaper could!

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