Monday, March 12, 2012

Manic Mommy Monday #2

Oh this time change thing is not good for me...  I was just getting used to my youngest daughter sleeping more through the night and then "they" go and throw me this curve ball!
Today is my older daughters birthday!  I now have a TWO-YEAR-OLD!  Let the adventure begin!
I was reading a blog yesterday that sort of turned me on my ear...  My husband's cousin recently started a blog and I am (admittedly) addicted to reading any blog that a family member puts out there.  It gives me a peak into their world and makes me feel like I am not a horrible person because I don't like talking on the phone all day every day!  She works in the field of psychiatry and is a fairly new(ish) mommy of one adorable little girl!  Only two posts so far I devoured the first, about self-soothing, and moved right onto the second about attention and attunement.  This is where I noticed my mommyhood fail!  She spoke about ADHD and disorganized maternal attachments and a whole slew of things I had to read two or three times to really digest.  And while I was in my sewing/computer room reading this post both of my daughters were in the living room.  My younger daughter, being only two-and-a-half months old was asleep but my (just turned) two (today) year-old was in the living room with the t.v. on all by herself.  We have gates up to keep her in the "baby-safed" rooms of the house.  Now, in my defense, I was not that far away.  The room I was in shares a wall with the living room, but I was not within veiwing distance.  My older daughter called for me and I immediately thought "I am a horrible mom."  Instead of taking an opportunity to hang out with my daughter, I'm goofing around on the computer!  I stopped reading, turned off the t.v. and turned on the radio.  We danced around the living room for a little while.  When she was done with that, I asked her if she wanted to read books.  We read The Cat In The Hat, then looked at the pictures in a few books.  When she bored of that I dug out all of her Little people and we played with them for a while.  I showed her how to make the animals go up the doorway of her Ark, how they drink water and eat apples and corn from the farm playset, played with the boat and the big fishing hook.  Soon she was playing and I was sitting there watching her thinking "I almost missed this.  I almost missed out on a very important moment."
We are now at my office.  Baby Sister is sleeping again and even though I have to answer the phones and get my invoicing done (not to mention I'm typing up this post) I have made a few stops today to play with my daughter.  We are in the same room here with just a little gate that keeps her away from the computers and electrical stuff.  So far we have played with her Thomas trains, building blocks, did some coloring and when I answer my work phone, she has a phone in with her and she talks to her "customers".
The benefit to working for my dad was that I could keep my kids with me and not in daycare.  I'm just still learning how to be there for my kids and for my job.  We'll work it out!
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