Monday, March 26, 2012

Manic Mommy Monday

Manic Mommy Monday!
I had a completely different post idea in mind today.  It was very selfish...  It was self-serving and kind of hurtful.  And then I opened my emails and found out that an in-law lost a loved one over the weekend.  This is not the first in-law to lose a family member this month.  In fact, it's not even the second...  While I would love to preach to everyone how important it is to appreciate each other more that would be quite hypocritical on my part.  Honestly, even an hour later I was saying some pretty mean things out of pure frustration and anger.
Then my daughter had a bit of an episode today that brought us all around to keep things in perspective.
While I was in another room thinking about lost loved ones my husband was in the front room with our two daughters.  The older was hitting her dolly and saying "bad girl" then threw her on the ground and stomped on her.  Where do kids learn these things?  I'd love to say she had to learn it somewhere else, but where could that have been?  She doesn't go to daycare and we don't have her in any classes...  We had a talk today about monitoring our television, no more grown-up shows if she's in the room, far less t.v. on in general.  When we tried to talk to her about it things went a little funny.  I was nursing the baby so I couldn't exactly get up and talk to her right then, but hubby wasn't getting up either!  I finally told him that in order to get a response from her he needed to get on her level, not act like a child.  I know, not very nice, but when he got up and knelt down to her she responded!
At the end of the night she was hitting another dolly and saying something we couldn't quite make out.  I finally realized what she was doing!  There is a scene in Princess and the Frog where the lightening bug Ray smacks his "bottom" and says "Big back porch!" referring to his butt!  I'm pretty sure that is what she was doing earlier in the day!
It is very sad to not be able to talk to someone you love, not to be able to hear their voice, but I tried to step back a little today and hear what the people in my day were saying, and to respond a little kinder than maybe I have been.

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  1. I am working on this one myself. I realize that I don't always respond in the ways that I should and I am working on being more sensitive in that area. Hubby is the one that really disconnects though, and even he is working on that to keep our daughter from shutting him out.