Monday, March 5, 2012

So I thought all day yesterday about today's post...  The hubby and I have been "fighting" over the camera lately because while he gives me some precious "alone" time (I still have our 2 month old with me) he takes our two-year-old out for a few hours to get some play time in.  Why the fighting over the camera?  Well, I want to use it to take pictures of the projects I'm working on and he wants it to take pics of Big Sister playing!  Obviously I hand over the camera willingly as I can't wait to see what she's been doing when she's away from me...
Today I was glancing at some posts and saw one for a Manic Mommy Monday blog hop and thought "PERFECT!  I get out of any real thinking for this post!"
So here it is...  This is me...  Intro music please!  (My brother-in-law has joked with me for years about his "inner" soundtrack to life, so if I had a soundtrack, my intro music would be Glitter in the Air by P!nk.  My whole life is a mix of Avril Lavigne, P!nk and Drew Barrymore!)

Who am I?  Well, isn't that the question of a lifetime!  I am a multi-entrepreneurial mommy of two!  Yup, that's me!
I'm Heidi.  I've always liked my name.  I know, that's a strange and out-of-the-blue thing to say but it's true!  You know when you're younger, like in school, and you may have thought you wanted to change your name?  Yeah, well that was never me.  I've always liked my name.
Anyway...  I will be joining the ranks of the 35+ age group this year.  I'm not intimidated by age.  It really is just a number and I have always lived by the idea that you are how old you feel.  Some mornings I wake up and feel like I'm 85...  The other day I felt like I was 17!  I'm cool with that.
I have a tendency to type the way I talk.  Of course I clean it up a bit online...  But for the most part, this is how I talk.  Sometimes I use poor grammar but I really do like to speak well.  I have a few teachers in the family and a bunch of professional Aunts and Uncles so it keeps me on my toes.
I will always check my posts for spelling, I read them before I post them and I think I use too much punctuation.
I have been married to my husband for 10 years (this August) and we've been together for 18.  We have two little girls together Big Sister (2 years) and Baby/Little Sister (2 months) and neither of us has any other children.  Hubby and I have one younger sibling each.  Hubby has a sister and I have a brother.  Hubby's parents have been married forever (40 +/- years) and my parents divorced when I was 13.  Hubby grew up with two biological uncles, one biological aunt and two biological grandmothers (only one divorce in the whole family!) and a fairly Italian heritage.  I grew up with six biological uncles, five biological aunts, and three sets of grandparents (then add in "step" family!) with Irish leaning.  I am often quoted "My family puts the FUN in dysFUNctional."  And we really do!  I have a huge family and credit that for my crazy memory when it comes to names and relations.  When I got married my mother-in-law would show me pictures of the guests they invited (prior to the wedding) and tell me how they were related or where they met.  I knew EVERY guest at my wedding by name, and our wedding was just under 200 people.
I have worked my way up to management at almost every job I've ever had and I've worked at everything from fast food to fabric stores, pizza parlors and a bridal shop!  I currently work for my dad and I have issues with my dad telling customers that I am his daughter.  I know I shouldn't, but some people just get this tone in their voice when they say "I just spoke to your dad..."  I want to say "Yeah?  Me too!"  I actually like working for my dad most days but a big bonus is that I am in my own "private" office so I can take care of my own kids while I work.
I speak a little French, can understand a little Spanish and when I was registering for the birth of my youngest daughter the nurse asked if I spoke any other languages I replied "Does sarcasm count?"
I love musicals and Tim Burton movies.  I love to read and in High School I rarely watched t.v. but read every book in our house, including my dad's Star Wars books (the sequels).  I love to sew!  I never thought that I wouldn't be a mom but I always worried I wouldn't be a "good enough" mom...  But I think I'm doing okay.
I had a hard time breastfeeding my older daughter (we got about 3-4 months with every-there feeding a formula bottle) and while I don't feel guilty about giving her formula, I have, on occasion, felt like maybe she and I missed out on something.  I am doing well breastfeeding my younger daughter and I credit that in part to ignoring everyone that tries to give me advice. I feel like every time I tell a nurse how well I think I'm doing they are always telling what I could be doing better.  The only person that is constantly telling me I'm doing a good job is the pediatrician and I think hers is the best voice to hear it from.
I have a tendency to go on and on...  My parents would tell you I like to hear myself talk.  In all honesty my favorite person to listen to is my two-year-old!  She's a great talker already and when she thinks no one is listening she has whole conversations (she even says "Thank you" and "Welcome" to herself!) and she sings all the time!  I love being able to watch her and be a part of each moment.  Even though we are entering the "terrible twos" I have completely decided to jump in feet first to the experience and know that for every difficult moment there will be a magical one.  I'm the kind of parent that doesn't like to "count" at my kid.  The magic number is three.  If I get to two, I'm up and coming!  Three is almost never counted...  I do believe in spankings but I try really hard to find any other way to reprimand.  It's hard to tell a child not to hit and then use it as a teaching tool!  I also try hard not to say "punishment."  Punished is kind of a severe word...  I'm not trying to abuse the kid, I just want her to grow up to be a respectful, hard-working, morally just person!  That's not too much to ask, right?
Well, here I am, going on and on!  If you are still with me then I thank you!
Although I am just learning about the world of blogging (and especially the reviewing and giveaway parts) I started this blog to get a bit of a following for my Etsy shop.  I've found an entire world of interesting people in the process!  I've found creative mommy's, the world of cloth diapering, tons of crafty women and Pinterest!  Mostly on this blog I post about my adventures in sewing (and sometimes crafting) as well as my adventures with my online store.  I get very excited when I get followers, comments, links and in rare occasions sales at my store, so do look forward to my crazy posts!
My end credits song???
Alice by Avril Lavigne

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  1. I always wanted Heidi to be my name!

    1. LOL! I always have thought it was a fun name... Except that no one seems to remember it! I was always called Heather or Hillary and once was called HILDA!
      I thought it was funny that I was named after the Shirley Temple movie and that for most of my life my bestest friend was my Grandfather, until he passed away.
      I am really enjoying your blog!

  2. My Great-Grandfather was my best friend until he passed in 1996. I'm glad to have found your blog with Lori's hop! :) This is going to be fun getting to know some new friends. I love that you ramble...makes me feel like I'm with an old friend. (I tend to ramble too)

  3. I'm with you, I have always loved my name too! I always thought it was pretty uncommon, but since I have gotten into blogging, I have noticed that there are a lot of Shannon's.

    I love the rambling too. I tend to do that on occasion.