Friday, May 11, 2012

Food For Thought

Sorry I've been MIA!  In an effort to make up for it, I have two recipes!!!
I made both of these for my daughters birthday party this year.  We did a Princess and the Frog/Mardi Gras theme and I wanted some good home cookin'.
The first thing I wanted was some macaroni and cheese!  The birthday girl was turning two, so you know I had her vote!  We are crazy Disney fans and a couple years ago we bought this book:
First of all, the recipes are all yummy looking!  They have a picture of every recipe in the book, which is really nice when you are thinking of cooking for or with a kid!  Down side?  Nothing I make ever looks like the photo!

I'm not sure how copyrights work, and I don't want to type out the entire recipe, so you can see the above photo and I will let you know how I made it, and how I would modify it in the future.
I doubled the recipe, we didn't really invite enough people that I was worried I would run out, I just wanted left-overs!  We used elbow macaroni (cooked), whole milk, cheddar cheese, buttery crackers and salt and pepper.  I cooked about two pounds of macaroni and salted the water, I didn't use any additional salt after that.  I ended up using 16+ ounces of cheddar cheese for the recipe and six cups of milk.  The recipe says you don't need to melt the cheese but I think I would do that next time.  The actual recipe calls for slices of American or cheddar, I might mix it up a little next time, 1/3 American, 1/3 Cheddar and 1/3 some other cheese, melted with the milk to make a nice creamy mixture that I would toss the macaroni in.  Then it all goes into a baking dish (buttered, but you know me, I'm using my Stoneware Rectangular Baker so I don't need to butter it up!) and then top it all off with buttery crackers.  Throw it in the oven to get it nice and brown and then serve it up!  Mine turned out okay, I just wanted it to be more creamy and less with melty "chunks" of cheese.
The "main dish" of the day was inspired by a recipe in the book for Po' Boy Sandwiches.  I wanted something easy to put together that could be served warm but not dry out.  I decided to not do roast beef and instead to do a pulled pork.  At first I was thinking a BBQ pork but I found a great recipe for Shredded Savory Pork from my old faithful cookbook:

My mom has had a Better Homes and Garden cookbook since I was a little kid!  It is my go-to for any and every recipe or idea.
At first I thought I might revise the recipe but it sounded pretty good as-is so we went ahead with it.  I did end up leaving out the onion and garlic because a family member has allergies to those but let me tell you, it was still AWE-SOME!!!

Okay, that's it.  That's all I've got for today!  Let me know if you end up trying these out and how you like them!

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