Monday, May 7, 2012

MMM, When Weekends Make Us Tired...

Manic Mommy Monday!

Here I am...  Sitting at the computer...  Thinking about what I want to say.
I am tired.  Aren't you tired?  Did this Monday kick your but like it kicked mine?  Work wasn't even that hard today!  The girls were pretty good for me, only a few screams during phone calls with customers.  (ha-ha, too tired to really laugh)
We did have an adventurous weekend...  Friday I went to work for a couple hours then hopped in the car with my mom and two little ones for a quick trip up North.  Mom needed to get her passport and it was in her 5th wheel, about 3.5 hours from where we live.  No worries, cause we could stay at Mom's baby-sisters house and they could soak up and evening of my little ones!  Yeah, except that the "typical" 3.5 hours turned into almost six hours!  Off-again-on-again screaming fits.  Mommy meltdowns.  The whole sha-bang!  When we finally reached the 5th wheel, we brought the girls inside (mom found her passport within seconds!) and we just hung out.  I asked my girls if they wanted to become gypsies!  Of course my two-year-old said "OK!"  I don't think she knows what a gypsy is...
Saturday morning Aunt A made us some french toast and we got all packed up.  We did follow Auntie to a garage sale (block long) got a few cute things we just couldn't live without and got back on the road for home.
The trip home did not take quite as long but we did have our moments.  Mom and I took turns getting ready, hubby re-loaded the car and we were all off again in the Southern direction (I think?) to Mom's brother's house for an annual birthday bash!  That trip was just over an hour in the car (you gotta love California, right?) and the girls fared much better that time!  Of course Big Sister never got more than an hour nap and wasn't feeling the Mexican food (Cinco de Mayo) so she hit "the wall" about two hours into the shin-dig.  We said our goodbyes and started back for home.  That's when the day caught up to us all!  Baby Sister was melting down fast.  We pulled over at one point to change her and then had to figure in another stop within minutes!  Chicken nuggets and chocolate milk for Big Sister while Baby Sister nursed and we were back on our way!  Thankfully both girls tucked into bed relatively quickly.
Sunday, Mommy made pancakes!  Both plain and chocolate chip!!!  Then as nap time arrived I snuck out of the house to a baby shower, Big Girls Only!!!
I guess I have a little reason to be tired...  But I thought that when we become mom's we get super powers? I see all those mom's in their tailored outfits with fresh mani-pedi's and well coiffed do's...  You know the ones, they spend hours at the gym and then get their lite coffees while they discuss their perfect children?

Whatever!  Those b*tches can bite me!  (Oh, there's my evil grin!!!)

Happy Monday ya'll!!!

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