Monday, May 14, 2012

Working Mom, Where Do I Fit In?

Manic Mommy Monday!
First of all, I found a spider on my desk today...  AAAHHHHHH!!!
It was a LARGE spider.  I'm pretty sure it was a wolf spider (brown and extra hairy!) and it was about as big as my thumb!  He was hanging out (literally) between my calculator and my phone.  He might have been on something because he didn't move very fast.  I was able to get my shoe off and smush him into a small pool of guts in a matter of seconds.  I'm kind of on the fence with spiders.  They don't exactly paralyze me with fear, and I mostly leave the daddy-long-legs variety alone, but when they are large and furry, it's me or them!  I'm usually bigger and win.  Sometimes they are faster and get away.  Not often.

With that said, I had both of my girls with me in the office and all during and after my ordeal I kept thinking "What if this thing had been on one of them?  What if it would have bitten them?"  Shudder...

And that brought on my thoughts for this post.  Well, that and the fact that Big Sister in all of her two-year-old-ness had a meltdown while I was dealing with a work crisis...  Ok, maybe crisis is too strong a word...  I was dealing with a work Monday, which is busy and confusing and people are not as nice Monday morning, not very patient.

I am not a work "at" home mom.  I am a "go to the office with two little girls and work" mom.  Sure, during the slower season (we do heating and air conditioning in central California) I can work at home which is nice because naps can happen in the kids rooms and we have the general "normal" flow of being at home.  We have tried to create a space for both girls in my office so that they can stay entertained while I work.  We brought in a t.v.  Big Sister kept putting DVD's into it, now it's out of commission.  We have an octagon gate that we have opened up so that Big Sister has about half of my office space.  She has a desk and bench, a fold-out couch, a princess tent, blocks, puzzles, trains, toys, dolls, books, and sometimes crayons and play-doh, and she spent an hour today screaming and trying to get to mommy.  Usually I can just sit with her for a few minutes and calm her down, find something for her to do and get back to my work.  On heavy-calling days that's not so easy.  Not to mention the fact that I can nurse Baby Sister while I work, so I'm sure that just makes Big Sister all the more angry.

Today I considered day care.  I am not opposed to day care.  My nephew did day care for a few years and it was great for him!  The problem is, I can't really afford it.  Working for my dad, I make a bit less than my last job with the benefit of being able to keep my kids with me.  So where does that leave me?

That is my Monday...  We've re-modeled this office multiple times to accommodate my growing two-year-old and the addition of the new baby.  Now it's simply a matter of figuring out how to balance it all.  How do you balance your day with your kids?  Even stay-at-home-moms have work to do, how do you do it?  How do you get all those things done in your day while keeping your kid occupied?

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