Friday, June 15, 2012

Final Graduations and Father's Day

The final graduation (for our family) closing out the school year was last night.  We were not able to attend but got to see some fabulous pictures!  It got me thinking about the three family graduates of 2012...

I told you all about my cousin's graduation a couple weeks ago... 

I had another cousin, well, she's the neice of my father's ex-wife, and she graduated... 

Then my husband's cousin's daughter graduated last night.

And I have known these kids (pretty much) their whole lives.  (My husband and I started dating two months after his cousin had her little girl, I met her about a year later.)

FYI, I totally stole these photos from them.  I did not take the photos and do not own any rights to them.  I'm hoping that they love me so much they won't care...  But, if they do, just send me a message and I will find an embarrassing photo of you that I do own...

It got me thinking about these three.  When they were born, I was turning 17 and ending my Junior year of High School.  I laugh and say it was the summer I forgot to eat...  I was a busy girl!  Working as much as I could, hanging out when I had the time.  No car, I walked everywhere!  It was a pretty great summer.

Senior year was good.  I actually really liked High School.  Maybe that's the reason I am okay with not ever wanting to go back?  Not because it was horrible, but because I really couldn't have done it any better.

I don't remember much of my own graduation.  People talked, poems were quoted (actually, that part I vaguely remember because it was my favorite Robert Frost poem) and diplomas were handed out.  Truthfully, we got an empty folder and had to pick up our actual diploma later.  There were parties and presents and we had a lot of fun.

Some of us went off to college, some worked, some did both.  I don't know that I would change much about the path I chose simply because I may not have ended up where I am any other way.  But there are always the words of advise that we can pass along, so here goes...

Two of our family grads are heading off to college next Fall.  They will be doing far more interesting things than I did at their age.  To them, I want to advise to remember to stay young while you can, don't get in too much trouble, miss home just enough to remember to call your parents once a week and enjoy every minute that higher learning can bring.  To all three, I want them to never stop reaching for the stars, I have seen the things they are capable of doing and I know they can all acheive amazing things.

For Father's Day, I think I'll be making this:

They are called Raspberry-Chocolate Truffle Triangles and they are from The Pampered Chef Make It Fresh, Make It Healthy cookbook.  I will try to take some pictures of my own and write up how they turned out, maybe even include a recipe?

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