Monday, June 4, 2012

Manic Mommy Monday~Small Triumphs

Manic Mommy Monday!

So I feel like I have only been posting whiny Monday updates lately.  I really never thought of myself as a whiny, cry-baby!  I normally feel like a "glass is half-full" kinda gal...

With that said, we had a house full of sickies this weekend...  Actually, it was only half-full of sickies...  First Big Sister started with a little fever early in the week.  She complained that her "eyes hurt" but we're thinking it may have been her way of saying she had a headache.  My mom has been staying with us, she was the next to get the ickies!  Then hubby came down with something by the end of the week.  Thankfully Baby Sister and I have avoided the no-good feelings.  Small triumph?  Absolutely!

Mommy has been getting less sleep this last week.  Pretty much every two hours after bedtime I am getting up with one of the two girls.  Baby sister for feedings (she is back to nighttime nursing again) and Big Sister with her fever and lost pacifier troubles.  Yes, she is two and still has a paci!  Other than the Evil Mommy I became the first couple nights, I am back in-it-to-win-it with little sleep!  I even got to work on time today!  Small triumph?  Yes again!

I got my sewing room cleaned this weekend and am even working on a quick gift for my nephew who is turning seven tomorrow!  Small triumph!  No way...  HUGE TRIUMPH!!!

I just keep reminding myself that life just is what it is...  The bathroom sinks were plugged up (we have two bathrooms back-to-back and the sinks and toilets kind of "mirror" eachother against the walls, assuming it made sense when it was being plumbed) and we used Drano and borrowed a snake with nothing helping.  My Uncle is a plumber (nice thing about having SIX Uncles (and that's just biological) is that each of them does something different and they all love to help their amazing niece!) so he dropped by to help.  We ended up having to remove a sink and cut into the wall, all the fun things of owning an older home that the previous owners decided to "fix up" themselves.  A couple hours later, wham-bam!  No more clogged drains.  Of course yesterday I noticed something in the sink.  I thought it was a hair, turned out to be a hairline crack, in the sink!  Nope, not gonna whine about it!  We spent almost no money to get the lines cleared out, the sink is still usable, and these pedistal sinks aren't as functional as they were "cute" when we put them in.  Gonna save up some cash and install a new cabinet sink in the near future.  No worries!

And the small triumph that has set me to smiling today?  Hubby offered to keep the girls at home so I could go into my crazy office and get a jump on the week!  I was here on-time, even after nursing Baby Sister!  I also had to bring in the pump today to keep the "factory" going.  I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned before my thoughts on breastfeeding.  Nursing and I have a love/hate relationship.  Large boobs do not ensure good milk supply!  It doesn't matter if I was nursing every two hours or every four, when I tried to pump, I could only get two ounces, tops...  If I got four ounces I would run around the house so excited about my "accomplishments!"  Lately I have been able to pump about four ounces every two hours and got six ounces after four hours, which is just about how often I am nursing.  I know, I know, there are women that get six ounces even after they fill up their kid!  Small triumphs, remember?

What will your triumph be today?  I'm hoping to finish that bag for my nephew but I know I have a couple hours tomorrow if I need some last minute adjustments!  Glass half-full!

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  1. I hope everyone is back to feeling well soon. And I'm glad you didn't get sick. :)

    1. Thanks! The laundry may think I'm still out on sick days with the kid but at least the dishes know I'm back on the job! LOL