Saturday, October 27, 2012

This Isn't My First Rodeo...

Ever heard the saying "This isn't my first rodeo"?  That's kind of the way I am feeling today, and not in the best way either!
You see, it is less than four days until Halloween and I had planned to make my girls their costumes.  Notice I said "planned"?  Yeah, well, I bought the fabric to make my two-and-a-half-year-old a Rapunzel costume, and I bought my ten-month-old some of the fabric needed to make her a Pascal costume.  Yes, I am dressing my baby girl as a boy character and I'm totally okay with that!  Well, other than cutting out the pieces for Rapunzel's dress, I haven't done any other work on the costumes.  Not only that, I still have to get more supplies to make the costumes!
Well, this isn't my first time at this particular rodeo...  You see, many moons ago, I really wanted to make a witch costume for myself.  I had great fabric and a terrific pattern.  I really can't remember if I had gotten much of a start early in the month of that October, but I do know that the majority of the work was done the day before, even staying up til the wee hours of the morning to finish the costume before work!  I think I may have even taken the costume to work with me to get it finished!
I am definitely known throughout my family as a procrastinator.  I remember finishing some sewing on my wedding gown after the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding!  Even now, while I could be sewing, I am blogging!
So, since we all now know that when it comes to late-night and last-minute I am a sewing pro, let's see what I can really do!
Happy Halloween ya'll!