Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My November Sewing Challenge

I created a challenge for myself because I do not sew enough for my kids.  I don’t sew enough in general, well, to be honest I just don’t finish enough, but either way, I have two little girls and pretty soon they are going to be big enough to tell me they don’t want to wear clothes their mommy made them!  I figure I better take advantage now, while I still can.
Every year we plan multiple trips to Disneyland.  We generally have an annual trip in October and then go back every few months for shorter trips.  Now that we have kids, Christmastime at Disneyland is a big deal!  This year we are considering taking a week off before Thanksgiving, go a bunch of days to Disney and then head to my grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving.  It’s going to be quite the adventure, ten days total.  Right now I am in the process of making cloth diapers for my younger daughter.  She has bad skin reactions to most disposable diapers so the hubby finally let me go hog wild and buy the stuff I need to make up my own diapers.  My first goal is going to be making 18-24 diapers by November.  This will give me three days of diapers before I need to do laundry and a day for drying.  Second goal?  To have 12-18 cloth leak-proof training pants for the older girl.  We have been working towards potty training.  I think we are being held back by the diaper.  She’s too comfortable in diapers and disposable training pants.  By changing to leak-proof, she will feel the wetness and hopefully want to get out of it!  Alright, so far not too bad, right?  Today my ideas achieved Blue Sky record levels!  Every day I see these amazing mom’s posting pictures of outfits and dresses they have made for their kids.  Not only that but they are also making dresses and outfits for sale!  Want to see a few?  Check out Gorgeous Girls Boutique or My Kids Drawers both on Facebook.  Their designs have inspired me to want to create a vacation wardrobe for my own girls!  Yes, you heard me right, a vacation wardrobe!  You can see my ideas form on my Pinterest board called November Sewing Challenge.
So far I have come up with nine different themed outfits, all Disney inspired of course!  Princesses, fairies, Pixar and even villains will make their mark on my designs!  After hours of planning general ideas I will continue to “Pin” my ideas and inspiration until I am able to start purchasing fabrics and digging in to this challenge!
In the mean time, I do plan on getting some sewing and posts done regarding my adventures in cloth diaper sewing, training pants sewing and the usual bit of randomness I tend to do.

Don’t forget to check out GGB and MKD on Facebook!  Or scan through Stuff N Junk by Heidi on Facebook to see what else I have been up to!

FYI, I have no intention of copying styles of clothing created by the two ladies mentioned in this post.  I respect their art and their talent and while I may use embroidery designs purchased by common vendors, their designs inspire me to create my own items and in my opinion their original designs cannot be imitated.

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