Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Switched Store Sites

I had an Etsy shop...  Actually I still do, and I may plan to still list small items there, but I just get so overwhelmed by fees!  You see, everyone wants to charge me in order to sell my Stuff N Junk, which makes it so much harder for me to figure out how much to charge!  Etsy has fees, Paypal has fees, Ebay has fees, shipping costs fees...  There is an upfront fee and a percentage fee, and sometimes the percentage fluctuates depending on the amount of purchase or transfer.  Confusing?  Yeah, I agree!
You see, right now I am not making items to get "rich".  I am making items from the heart and selling them in order to be able to put money back into my business.  I am not making much profit on my sales, definitely not making oodles of extra cash on labor, that's for sure!  I even looked into creating my own online store, but I simply don't have the kinds of sales to support that.  If nothing else, I can be completely honest about that!
Recently I came across a website called Storenvy and I couldn't believe what I found!  NO FEES!!!  No listing fee, no percentage of my sale, no randomly hidden fee once I made a sale.  They do offer additional options if you want to pay for your store/site/marketing but that should be expected, after all, they are providing a service!  How did I come across this fantastical site?  Well, I know someone that sells hairbows...  Lely's bows has both an Etsy store and a Storenvy shop and it is very important for those of us just starting out to show some support and put up links, you see, even for those sites that charge fees, they don't advertise for you, you really have to promote yourself.
The benefit to changing over, I don't have to stress out about raising prices to make money on my Stuff N Junk!  You see, I save receipts, check online prices of my materials as well as competitor products and I try really hard to keep my prices fair and reasonable.  I put a lot of love and time into each item I make and while I always consider my time precious, I also value my prospective customers.
So, feel free to check me out over at Storenvy and check back often because over the next few weeks/months I will be doing my best to list new items!

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